Until You

29 Jan


Have you ever noticed how desperate the gull’s cry is? It sounds like they’re calling for a lost friend or lover. It makes me sad to hear it. It reminded me how I never thought I needed anyone else. Until you.

Everything Else

28 Jan


I was in a kind of daze before you—still reeling from what happened with my father. I’d been shutting out everything and everyone, like when you’re racing and the outside world is all a blur. But you made me want to stop and take notice. To let my guard down. To feel something.


27 Jan


You always try to be so brave, so tough. But every once in a while, I see a glimpse of you that’s not so indestructible. Like, for instance, on this day, when your foot rubbed up against something slimy in the water and you grabbed hold of me and dragged me to the shore like a cave man. Turns out it was not a shark. You could have left me there floundering in the water, but you didn’t.


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