FEED by M.T. Anderson

I was like da da, da da, when I read this book cause it was like meg depresso but I have to brag on FEED because, all the units need to hover over and download these alphas to your syst.

That’s my attempt at mimicking the voice of Titus in M.T. Anderson’s brilliant book, FEED. Synopsis: In a not-so-distant future, people no longer have to “carry their brains around in cases.” They have feeds attached directly to their brain stems, which are like constant streams of information (think Bing commercials), with encyclopedic-like ramblings, corporate advertising and non-stop cheap entertainment, all streaming in your conscious. Much like our Internet advertising profiling, if one thinks “hungry” a jingle for their fav fast food restaurant comes on complete with smells of deep-fried goodness and a suggestion as to where to get it the cheapest.

But back to the plot, for spring break Titus and his gang of friends travel to the moon, only to find that “the moon sucks.” But admist the fugueing (bad tripping) and bouts of mal (malfunctioning done to get high), Titus meets a girl, Violet, who is beautiful and sexy, smart and unique, a girl who “fights the feed.” While dancing at a rave, the gang of friends, including Violet, is touched by a hacker and their feeds all go berserk, temporarily interrupting their feeds. Within days, they are back online, but for Violet, the malfunction is beginning to affect other parts of her limbic system as well. Parts of her body are going dead for minutes or hours at a time as she slowly becomes incapacitated by the feed.

What follows is a twisted love story that is tragic in its inability to act. Without giving away any spoilers, I will say that the ending is heart wrenching in its parallel to our society, in its apathy and ignorance. It’s about not caring about anything. Anything at all. Ever.

A good friend of mine said, “I didn’t cry for Violet, I cried for humankind.”

At turns laugh-out-loud funny (gallows humor) and scarily true, FEED is a masterpiece of literature, YA or otherwise. I recommend it to anyone who wishes to see where we are as a society and where we are headed. For anyone who wants to “fight the feed.”

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