Emo Kids Have Cool Hair

“Not willing to follow the ‘dress code’ of others, emo has developed its own way of fashion.” —www.emo-corner.com  

Em0 hair has been around since before the turn of the century (way back in the 1980s), but I credit Adam Lambert from American Idol, season 8, for bringing it into the living rooms of mainstream America. His hair came second only to his space rock pipes and was praised by divas Kara and Paula with more than a little envy. For Adam’s spiky do, I suggest a professional emo shag cut and a tub of shea butter.

For long-haired emo casual, simple chunky black colorizing and a yesterday’s-hair-today product can re-create this posh look, worn by grrrl rocker Avril Lavigne. For cheap streaks in a pinch, try a Sharpie marker.

My personal fav is the highly sophisticated emo wave modeled by Pink. She makes short hair sizzle. Pair this do with a hot leather jacket or something with shoulder pads and you are good to go.


Muse singer Matthew Bellamy goes for a slightly mohawkian twist on the traditional emo do while Greenday’s Billie Joe Armstrong pairs his look with the emo essential, black eyeliner, which really make his anime eyes pop!








Johnny Depp as the original Edward (Scissorhands) sports the Emo Poodle Do–nearly impossible to duplicate. My best advice is to tease, spray, tease, spray until you can hide small animals inside or until you run out of hairspray, whichever comes first. Face scars are optional.






Winona Ryder as Lydia in Beetlejuice adds skinny bangs to her emo up do. Two words: petroleum jelly.

I would be remiss to omit Twilight’s Jasper Cullen who proves that blondes can be emo too. Team Jasper! To recreate this look, swim in an ocean or brakish river and air dry with the windows down. Don’t wash!



And lastly, every emo do is made better with a bow. Pink or striped, satin or velvet, but please, no tulle.

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