Splatter Sneaks: Express Your Abstract

Here is a fun and easy art project in honor of the late great modern artist, Jackson Pollock. It’s also a good one to do with friends.

Splatter Sneaks

Step 1: Acquire paint brushes and paint. (I prefer acrylic for this project as it weathers the elements and is more vibrant than craft paint. Latex house paint will work as well–the more colors the better.)

 Step 2: Remove laces and stuff insides with paper towels to block errant paint. A drop cloth may be beneficial as well. Step 3: Splatter. Step 4: Allow to dry, may take a couple days. Step 5: Adorn with colored laces to complete the visual effect. Step 6: Wear with everything, including prom dresses and bathing suits.On the subject of art, Pollock says, “It doesn’t matter how the paint is put on, as long as something is said.”Splatter away!Photo by Laura Lascarso

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