Hunger Games Trailer, More Please

I’ve just watched the Hunger Games trailer for the 12th time and I feel compelled to blog about it. But before I do, I need to give a little background about my book-to-movie philosophy.

I Love Them.

The only thing I love more than books, is movies, and if more movies were as good of stories as books (generally), then I wouldn’t have to read any more. I’m kidding (mostly) but seriously, if filmmakers take a book I love and make a movie out of it, I’m super psyched. A lot of people complain about the way a character looks or who’s playing who or how scenes were cut or abbreviated, but for me, I go into the movie knowing all of the backstory, so other than huge plot game changers, I am on board. Because it’s not a book anymore, it’s a movie and movies are a whole nother animal.

I will further say that I believe that movies can sometimes be BETTER than the books, because of pared down scenes/better dialogue/clearer character motivations and enhancements to plot (not to mention special effects and the visual/auditory thrill of a movie).

HUNGER GAMES is my favorite book and I’ve read it (with II and III) several times now. It was so important to me that my husband read it (he is a non-fiction type), that I read it OUT LOUD to him. That’s how much I love, love, love the HUNGER GAMES.

So, what do I think about the trailer?

I loved it.

I think it’s going to be the BEST MOVIE EVER. As I was watching it on repeat, I kept noticing the little details:

Effie Trinket’s hand in the glass bowl and the way she twirls her wrist with that extra flourish before drawing Prim’s name.

The look exchanged between Peeta and Katniss on the stage at the Reaping.

Peeta’s face as they are first arriving by train to the Capitol.

Rue peeking from behind the wall in the training station.

Katniss running to the cornucopia.

The haunting music and percussion.

And all of this is BEFORE the games even start. The trailer was 2:35 long and it felt like 10 seconds. What I am going to do until March 23? I’ll have to keep watching this stinking trailer!

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