LEGEND by Marie Lu

What a great book to start the New Year! Here is my abbreviated synopsis while being mindful to not reveal any spoilers…

In the Republic of America, the West Coast is battling the Colonies for control over precious, few resources, including vaccinations to inoculate citizens from the Plague.

15-year-old Day is a modern-day Robin Hood, an outcast of the Republic, who commits acts of vandalism and theft in order to send a message to the corrupt government as well as sustain his family and community.

June is a groomed prodigy of the Republic, the first-ever to accomplish a perfect score on her trials, and the youngest to complete her intensive military training.

When Day’s failed attempt to steal a much-needed medicine negatively impacts June’s older brother, Metias, June vows to bring this notorious criminal to justice.

Told in a first-person split POV, LEGEND grabbed hold of me on the first page and never let go. The action in this story is well-balanced with real character motivations and fully-formed backstory. The world building is well drawn with vibrant visuals, from the modern-day slums of LA, to the skizz fights in the streets, to the military complex where June trains and works. The tension between June and Day was compelling throughout the story.

LEGEND answers the important questions posed at the beginning of the book while leaving a lot of room for expansion in the second and third novels. Speaking from a writer’s perspective, trilogies are hard. It’s difficult plotting just one book on its own, but having the sight to see a trilogy to its end and working toward the ultimate climax from the first page of book one is an incredible feat. I feel confident that Marie Lu knows where her characters are headed and I’m so looking forward to this fall when LEGEND 2 appears on the bookshelves.

And, bonus, there are rumors that LEGEND might get made into a movie!

If you’re interested in seeing how this talented, young author came up with the concept for LEGEND as well as her journey to publication, check out Marie Lu’s very awesome interview on Literary Rambles.

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