Hotlanta, Here We Come!

We’re just hours away from SCBWI, Atlanta, aka Southern Breeze. I traveled there with my critique partners Heather and Angele two years ago and listened to some great speakers, including Scholastic editor Cheryl Klein and lit agent Josh Adams. My critique with Cheryl Klein was fantastic and the early version of the book she critiqued is currently being shopped around to editors. Not only that, when we went two years ago, MUSE was playing in Atlanta and Heather, her husband, and I popped over there Saturday night for the BEST CONCERT EVER.


Sadly, MUSE will not be joining us this year, but our trio is making the pilgrimage once again. And there are some fantastic speakers, including Newberry Honor winning author Kirby Larson, Egmont USA editor Greg Ferguson, Harper Collins editor Kristin Daly Rens and one of my own agent’s associates, Mary Kole from Andrea Brown. I’m super excited about Greg’s talk on How to Make Thrillers More Thrilling, because I have a project that is in need of some thrillerizing.

And the Marriott has an omelet station. YUM!

For the Trinity, this is a special time as well because Angele is abandoning us  moving to Germany this summer for an amazing opportunity that shant be missed. Just kidding, Ange. (I’m working through it.) All this is to say, that this trip will be EPIC! Tears. Laughs. Pillow Fights. Omelets.

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