To My Daughter

They will say you’re pretty,

Yes, it is true,

But do not let your appearance,

Define you.


They will say you’re stubborn,

It’s a good thing to be,

It means you know what you want,

And stand up for what you believe.


They will say you can’t do it,

You must prove them wrong,

Don’t let others’ negativity,

Make you think that you’re not strong.


They will try to tempt you,

With shallow, pretty things,

Remember what is good and right,

Your truth will give you wings.


They could be a girl or boy,

A friend or enemy,

They could be the voice inside your head,

Doubting all your dreams.


Nobody in this world is without flaws,

Sadly, not even me,

You don’t need to be perfect,

Just be the best that you can be.


Remember who you are, my love,

There’s a light inside of you,

Share your gifts with those you know,

And to yourself, be true.

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