Found Poem

ProposalEmily Hunt


I knew you had a flair for the dramatic,

Emily Hunt,

Because of the beret you wore to calculus

Back in the fall,

When berets were not popular,

And even slightly post-boss,

Not to mention your shredded tights

And mismatched Converse

Surely that pairing was not



Your friends tell me too

That your sandwiches always have something


Hummus with cilantro, peanut butter and maple syrup,

Egg salad with hot sauce

Clearly your palate is as discerning

As your ability to calculate derivatives


Because of this, I knew the classic

Stuttering, sweaty-palm, thudding-heart approach

Was beneath you

Social media was, well, too—


Only a public proclamation would do

A gesture as unique and theatric

As you


I had to pull a few strings

My mother worried about my reputation

Should you reject my offer

My uncle wanted to advertise

A special on free toner

But after a very thorough pro vs. con debate

A conclusion was made


And so I present to you,

Emily Hunt,

My proposal


2 thoughts on “Found Poem

  1. Paula O says:

    This is my favorite poem so far, perhaps because it tells a story. I have wondered about what happens next for days!

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