Dog Time (in 24 Lines)

This is a lovely submission by my friend and poet, Christine Poreba, who specializes in many arts, among them, dog poetry. Enjoy!

FurryFriendCropDog Time (in 24 Lines) 

What need do dogs have for time?

The day like a living room rug

where moments of sleep, clean, rise

to the bark of a neighbor dog

pile up like toys.  Add the sound

of you coming home and the pack

is back together again.  Better

squeak that toy; it doesn’t matter

the hour.  Something deep

in their furry chests has been waiting

for this moment,

though words like waiting

and next and I’ll be back soon

mean nothing to creatures

who never know where the car

they’re put in is going, chances

being equal for the doctor,

the woods, a friend’s house,

or on a short vacation to different

ground entirely.  Because there is no

command for I’ll see you soon.

Count the days off on your paw.

There’s only now, with something

missing, then that joy again.

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