Read. Dream. Repeat


“Reading is dreaming with open eyes.” -Yoyo

What makes a good YA book? One that hooks you, takes you for a ride, and transports you to a world beyond this one, where characters live their lives, fight battles, fall in love, and sometimes fall apart.

Laura Lascarso, author of the award-winning YA book Counting Backwards and the Racing Hearts e-series, has spent the past decade creating imaginary worlds and filling them with complex and interesting characters. And she’d like to share some of what she’s learned with you!

On July 14th, join Laura from 4-6pm at the Leon County Library for a discussion on the craft of writing and what makes a good YA novel. Ask her questions, share your work, and get a sneak preview of her newest e-novella Racing Hearts 2. Cupcakes will be provided.

Reading and dreaming go hand in hand. If you love to read or love to dream, join Laura to learn more about the magical place where authors and readers dream together.

Adrian Fogelin’s Front Porch Library

I’d like to give a big congratulations to  Tallahassee author Adrian Fogelin for winning the Florida Book Awards silver medal in children’s literature for Summer on the Moon. Adrian is also the author of one of my favorite middle grade novels Crossing Jordan, which not only tackles the difficult subject of racism, but also manages to incorporate Jane Eyre references in a delightful way.

Two years ago Adrian opened The Front Porch Library, which houses 2,000 books available for children in the community to borrow. FPL also hosts weekly youth activities with a focus on different subjects. Right now they are exploring recycling; they’ve determined what objects can or cannot be recycled, as well as created lithographs and sculptures out of recycled materials.


To learn more about Adrian’s books, vist: To learn more about the Front Porch Library or to donate books, money or the gift of time, visit:

I’m hoping to meet Adrian in person at the Florida Book Awards ceremony–maybe I can even get her to sign my copy of Crossing Jordan!

Write Dreams

There is a great auction going on right now for YA and MG books as well as manuscript critiques through Write Dreams. I participated in my first ARC giveaway with them and the ladies who are running it are fantastic. They’ve committed their time and energy to raise funds for Donna’s Dream House, which provides free holiday experiences for children and teenagers with life-threatening illnesses and their families, and for recently bereaved siblings and their families. Donna’s Dream House suffered a fire shortly before the new year and is in dire need of funds to rebuild.

So hop over and check out all their loot. And bid high. It’s for a great cause