For Writers

I offer two editorial services for works of fiction as outlined below. For more information about these services or if you’d like to request a quote, please email me: lauralascarso(at)yahoo(dot)com

First 50 Pages: Most flaws in the manuscript can be diagnosed in the first fifty pages, and those same themes present themselves throughout the story. While the First 50 Pages critique doesn’t take the place of a Complete Critique, it can point out where improvements need to be made throughout the entire manuscript. Please be prepared to submit a complete synopsis (3-5 pages), along with your first 50 pages. The First 50 Pages critique includes edits on the manuscript, a one-to-two page editorial letter, and a one-hour conversation.

Complete Critique: This level of service provides you with an editorial note with comments on strengths and weaknesses in areas such as, but not limited to, plot and character development, voice, dialogue, pacing, etc. In particular, I look for whether or not your manuscript is likely to hold a reader’s interest and places where this needs to be strengthened. This service includes comments on the manuscript, a 3-5 page editorial letter and a one-to-two-hour conversation to discuss the manuscript and give you the opportunity to ask questions.

For more information about these services or if you’d like to request a quote, please email me: lauralascarso(at)yahoo(dot)com

*A note on pricing…Pricing is determined by a cursory review of the first 20 pages. From that 20-page sample, I will estimate the time involved with completing the critique and charge an hourly rate. The writer is privy to all this knowledge before an agreement is made.