Andre In Flight

When up-and-coming Miami artist Martin Fonseca encounters youthful pretty boy Andre Bellamy washing dishes in the kitchen of La Candela, he swears he’s known him before. But Andre only arrived in Miami weeks ago, after running away from small-town Alabama and his abusive father. When Martin discovers Andre trading sexual favors for a place to stay, he offers him a way out.

What starts as a playful friendship turns into something more as Andre begins posing for Martin’s fantastical portraits. Martin’s infatuation with Andre grows until they are beyond innocent flirtation.

But when an eccentric art collector buys one of Martin’s paintings, Martin’s past jealousy resurfaces and threatens to destroy what he and Andre have so lovingly built.

This emotionally charged novella from Laura Lascarso pushes the thin line between an artist’s love and obsession with his muse.

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