Master’s schiavo

Patience, humility, subservience, gratitude… these are the virtues of a schiavo, qualities that Giovanni not only demonstrates in serving his Master but has internalized since his training began three years ago. Master makes the rules, Master enforces them, and Giovanni thrives on the structure and discipline his Master provides.

But Master, a New York City crime lord, must tie up loose ends with the family business, and it’s not safe for Giovanni to accompany him back to the city, so Giovanni must stay with Master’s younger brother, Signore. Signore is not at all like Master. He’s brash, boisterous, impulsive, arrogant. This schiavo will not submit to such a mercurial man, but Master is not here, and Signore offers Giovanni the freedom to explore and express himself in different ways.

Torn by his loyalties to two very different men, Giovanni strives to exemplify his virtues in every way, but his training never covered how he might serve two Masters.

MASTER’S SCHIAVO is an introspective romantic story featuring a submissive shared by two different Dominants. This work contains several references to past sexual abuse and trauma. Trigger warnings for addiction, suicidal ideation, and self-harm. This book is meant for entertainment purposes only, not as a guide to safe, sane, and consensual BDSM practices.

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