Fuzzbox by The Section Quartet

The first song I heard by this foursome was Time Is Running Out, which rocked, so I straightaway liked them on Pandora. Then Pandora started sending me all this classical music and I was like, no, I don’t want to hear Hotel California in strings, I just like them. So after trying to square things away with Pandora’s highly complicated Like/Dislike logarithm, I finally broke down and bought the CD (Fuzzbox) off iTunes. 

I have not been disappointed. (I’m listening to them right now!)

The great thing about this group, in addition to their mad skillz and ability to create some awesome rock-n-roll distortion, is that it is creating music–the perfect soundtrack for writing, painting or folding laundry. Plus, it’s classical music that you (I) can actually name.

Maybe I’ll be inspired enough to dust off the old flute and play some of my old Lion King soundtrack tunes.