I’ve been ramping up my reading so that I can focus on writing for November’s NaNoWriMo.  October has been a great month for me. All the books have been winners. But last night’s read really put the cherry on my hot fudge sundae. My feelings about the above mentioned title: Loved it!

Vera’s lifelong BFF Charlie died months ago and Vera is still dealing with the fallout from his death–grief, anger, guilt. Charlie was her best friend–her only real friend–as well as her first love, until last spring, when he started using drugs and dating a mythomaniac Detentionhead named Jenny Flick. Jenny ruined Charlie’s life . Literally.

Vera deals with Charlie’s death by going full-time as a pizza delivery technician and sneaking jags of vodka in between runs. She has no desire to make new friends or even apply to college, so all-encompassing is her grief. Add in one thousand paperdoll Charlies haunting her and a pervading sense of helplessness…Vera is having a hard time of it.

Vera’s voice throughout the book is bold and endearing. Her humor is acerbic,  and even as she’s making the wrong choices, I completely understand her motivations. I related to her anger at all the injustice in the world as well as her feeling of helplessness when confronted with other people’s BS. King did a great job of keeping the dialogue sharp and effective with gallows humor that I personally adore.

PIVD was a fantastic read with true-to-life characters and some of the best unrequited love scenes between Vera and Charlie. It’s one of those books that makes me super proud to be a YA writer!