Promised Land

No rabids, no crime, and no nonsense.

The second installment in the Mad World trilogy is now available.

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Two former best friends and sometimes lovers set out on a murderous rampage to avenge the sins of their past.

“So dark, yet so sweet”

“Dark and sinister, but also a sweet and tender love story.”

Beautiful Adam

A Hollywood playboy and an up-and-coming Instagram model find love and wreak havoc in this modern-day MM retelling of The Picture of Dorian Gray.

“Codependency among the rich & the beautiful. I LOVED IT.”

“This book is absolutely brilliant. While it is technically a romance, it reads more as a satire of vanity and fame, and as such, it is a hilarious dark comedy.”

“I love Laura’s work because it’s always so touching, so deep and so raw.”

Shelby from Goodreads

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