MM Contemporary Standalones


Two former best friends and sometimes lovers set out on a murderous rampage to avenge the sins of their past.

“So dark, yet so sweet”

“Dark and sinister, but also a sweet and tender love story.”

Beautiful Adam

A Hollywood playboy and an up-and-coming Instagram model find love and wreak havoc in this modern-day MM retelling of The Picture of Dorian Gray.

“Codependency among the rich & the beautiful. I LOVED IT.”

“This book is absolutely brilliant. While it is technically a romance, it reads more as a satire of vanity and fame, and as such, it is a hilarious dark comedy.”

A Soft Touch

A sinfully sweet romance between an ex-NFL player and the shy housekeeper who tempts him terribly along the way.

“This is the perfect lighthearted, low-angst, contemporary romance that will give you all the warm fuzzy feels.”

“The story is just so freaking sweet and adorable, romantic, and refreshing, all in one with a lot of HOT sexy moments.”

A Madness Most Discreet

A struggling author, the beguiling escort he falls for, and the mysterious benefactor who stands in their way.

“Wow. This book. Beautiful cover. Beautiful words.”

“This was absolutely delicious. Laura Lascarso does it again with another amazing story that is luscious, sexy and heart throbbing.”

When Everything Is Blue

First love can be both tender and terrifying in this odyssey of self-discovery.

“This is one of the most genuine YA’s voice I have ever read.”

“They had such a great banter-filled friendship with so much chemistry, and I absolutely loved how protective and possessive Chris was of Theo, aaahhh!!”

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