Master’s schiavo – audio

His training never covered how he might serve two Masters, but he’s about to discover his limits.

Patience, humility, subservience, gratitude… these are the virtues of a schiavo.

For three years, Giovanni has followed his Master’s rules with love and devotion. But when Master, a New York City crime lord, must tie up loose ends with the family business, Giovanni is sent away to embark upon a life no one could have prepared him for.

Forced to stay with Signore, Master’s younger brother, Giovanni realizes Signore is everything his Master is not–brash, boisterous, impulsive, and arrogant. He’s determined to test Giovanni’s patience and most of all, his obedience.

Torn by his loyalties to two very different men, Giovanni strives to exemplify his virtues in every way, but he’ll soon discover what happens when serving two Masters proves to be more than he can handle.

MASTER’S SCHIAVO is an introspective romantic story featuring a submissive shared by two different Dominants. This work contains several references to past abuse and trauma. Trigger warnings for addiction, suicidal ideation, self-harm, illness, and death. This book is meant for entertainment purposes only, not as a guide to safe, sane, and consensual BDSM practices.

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